Tree Surgeons in Luton

Tree Surgeons in Luton

Tree surgeons in Luton are just a phone call away. With Tree Specific UK, you get the best and professional tree removal services for all properties. With years of extensive industry experience, we have and continue to remove and care for trees all over Luton. In fact, we are proud members of the Royal Forestry Society – and specialize in wise tree care, conservation and removal services. From stumps to trees of all sizes and shapes, we do it all at Tree Specific. This includes tree salvaging for front yards, back yards, or other residential and commercial areas. We also remove ages and damaged trees from streets and other parts of the city for optimal convenience. As always, our highly-dedicated team will remove branches, twigs, roots, leaves, and all debris during the removal or conservation service.

Tree Specific Services in Luton

As tree management experts in Luton, we offer over 20 years of extensive planting and tree removal experience. Our team also specializes in salvaging trees that were damaged due to harsh and inclement weather conditions. While we do our best to save trees, there are times when removal is the only option. Remember, trees do give us oxygen and we truly respect each tree we have to service. Our dedicated tree surgeon team not only removes trees and stumps – but utilizes environmentally-friendly and green options that are safe and effective. This includes specialized machinery and equipment for timely, fast, and affordable removal –along with safe disposal and/or recycling of wood and other tree materials. Tree Specific is proud to offer Luton homes and businesses the following:

·         Pruning and arboriculture – stump and tree removal via chain saws and heavy machinery.

·         Tree trimming and felling; all types and sizes of trees.

·         Tree salvaging services – management – conservation – planting and much more.

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